Robin Trower Master Class

You may notice that when you first have a play along to the video that Robin is down tuned a tone on all the strings. This full step down-tuning provides the following tuning notes from low to high (D-G-C-F-A-D). Down tuning is pretty much standard practice by blues guitarists like Stevie Ray Vaughan and no doubt was inspired by Jimi Hendrix who used to down-tune a semitone to Eb. The many benefits of down-tuning include a fatter tone, reduced string tension and it also makes the classic guitar keys of E A and D easier to sing over. Due to the reduced string tension, heavier gauge strings can be fitted, which is said to further bolster the tone and feel.


✘You have no idea about stylistic awareness, such as rock, jazz, blues, funk, country, pop, metal or classical. Easily make you confuse what should you should learn either triads, harmony, scale, or playing techniques. Main reason : It is difficult to find complete method of guitar lesson.


✘Whenever you hang up your guitar and starts your practice, you can’t catch your guitar singing tone with the music style you wanted to play. You keep turning amp EQ knob and guitar knob and keep adjusting your effect pedal.Yup, it may takes minutes or even hours and this is so sad making your practice time effectiveness.


✘You ignore the accompaniment guitar part, whereby you likely focus on the 20 second guitar solo in whole 4 minutes song, while there are still melodic content in guitar accompaniment part. Example chord progression: "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" acoustic version.


✘Your available time can’t match your guitar instructor. You will not learn from guitar instructor that whom will interact and guide personally to improve your guitar techniques. Hence, you will only blindly surf and get pieces guitar knowledge throughout internet.


✘You have trouble in reading Stave / Staff because you do not know how to start learning it.

Stave is so much important in guitarist's growth. Eventually, you’ll surprise that reading Stave isn’t that difficult as you think, you just need to start it.

In and of itself, it isn’t all bad situations. But the problem is if you rely on all of that, it is merely a recipe for your guitar playing face off for months (if not year) and having very very very little results to show. Yes, you can be fast learner. To overcome trouble/changelings mention above doesn’t have to be that hard. And it isn’t if you concentrate on the thing which actually matter.

Guitar beginner:

it helps getting known about type of music and guitar playing style. It also able explores what you going to start for!

Guitarist wish learn more music style: 

ya, you may thinking getting more playing idea in other style such as Jazz, Rock, Blues, Classical, Acoustic, lick library and etc

Guitar Guru who need collect more lessons:

it helps you save time to prepare lesson. Beyond the full notation music score, it’s also providing backing track. Explanation of lesson concept and applying!

Guitarist who facing situation mention:

5 troubles facing by guitarist, honest to you, you really need get a adjustment for behavior with using this guitar lesson method.

Rock Guitar Tutor

Martin Cooper 

Since graduating from the Guitar Institute in London in 1997, Martin has toured North America, Europe and the UK over a dozen times with various different artists.

He’s worked on sessions in studios such as Abbey Road and RAK in London, is an accomplished composer, and recently released an instructional guitar book, CD and DVD.

Blues Guitar Tutor

Les Davidson 

Les has been in the music business for over 30 years. He’s worked extensively in studios across the world and has been on countless world tours.He’s been a member of both East of Eden and Sniff ’n’ the Tears, and has also worked as a session player/sideman for Rumer, Laura Mvula, Joan Armatrading, Mick Taylor, Donovan, Pete Townsend, Leo Sayer, Tina Turner and Bill Wyman, to name but a few. Les has worked in West End shows, written music for TV, radio and viral media, and currently runs a commercial studio in Hoxton, London.

Jazz Gitar Tutor

John Wheatcroft

He leads a busy double- life as an artist and educator. He has performed with artists as diverse as Billy Cobham (Miles Davis), Frank Gambale (Chick Corea), Mike Clark and Bil Summers (The Headhunters), Carl Verheyen (Supertramp), Ralph Salmins, Paul Elliott, Keith Carlock and Laurence Cottle. Johnhas toured the world with both Car palmer (ELP) and John Jorgenson (Elton John/Hellecasters) and he is a regular contributor to Guitar Techniques UK, along with contributing numerous lessons for Guitarist UK, Guitar Part (France) and Guitar World (USA)

John currently holds the position of the Head of Guitar at BIMM London and is a visiting lecturer for the university of West London (London College of Music) and Chester University. His first book, Improvising Blues Guitar was published by Schott has received rave reviews worldwide and he’s recently released his debut acoustic album.

Classical Guitar Tutor

Bridget Mermikides

She is a classical and electric guitarist with 20 years of teaching and performing experience. She is a Graduate of the Royal Academy of Music where she received tuition from John Williams and Julian Bream and is now an examiner at the Royal College of Music. Bridget has a monthly classical column in Guitar Techniques magazine, a guitar instruction DVD published by Future Music, and her book of solo arrangements; The Classical Guitar Compendium, was published by Hal Leonard 2013. Bridget was featured as guitar expert in the BBC1 TV hit series Play it Again and her solo album Guitarrista has received much critical acclaim.

Acoustic Guitar Tutor

Stuart Ryan 

Described as “one of the finest of the young generation” by leading jazz guitarist Martin Taylor MBE, award-winning musician Stuart Ryan is known to guitarists the world over thanks to his monthly columns in Guitar Techniques magazine, contributions to Total Guitar and Guitarist, and concerts throughout the UK and beyond.

In 2002 he was awarded Guitarist magazine’s ’Acoustic Guitarist of the Year’ and since then has performed alongside leading guitarists Martin Taylor, Eric Roche and Thomas Leeb.

A multi-stylist on both acoustic and electric guitar, he wrote the ’Play Guitar’ supplement for The Observer newspaper, and his solo guitar compositions feature in the RGT acoustic guitar syllabus.

   Include high quality guitar recording demo tracks make you easily catch up the song/pieces play. It’s make you getting a clearer picture with what you are going to learn. Also, backing track provided together and make you happy jam along with.

♪   Full notation guitar tablature provided to help you have a sight of reading training. You will understand detail music score shown especially dynamic control, left hand and right techniques.

♪   Guitar tone lesson guide you easily to get the right tone during song/pieces you are learning. Is the solution of EQ parameter adjustment, you’ll get well team-play with band mate and maybe stop receive complaint by your neighbor as your guitar playing improve from coordinate to right pitch. 

♪   There are professional guitar instructor UK showing the practicing objective, tips and trick in every song/pieces that you might need to focus. It’s save your time by understand the playing detail quickly and directly.

♪   Guitar instructors also sharing their opinion about which type of guitar and gear are using in recording. Experience of right guitar resource by these professional helps you getting an idea on which gear you should go for.

Reader Feedback

"Thank you for your great publication. I think the content, style, and tone of GT are perfect". Tim Poteet

"Loving the mag; as a guitar teacher it really is a wonderful source of ideas and inspiration!" Johnny Wheeler

"First I wanted to say thank you to your team for a fantastic magazine, I’ve been a subscriber for many years and get a lot of enjoyment & inspiration from all the content & features it contains." Alex Beazley




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✔Full Content of Guitar Techniques
✔100 pages pdf
✔Robin Trower master class mp4
✔97 mp3 included demo track and backing track
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Full copy Guitar Techniques:
✔Full Content of Guitar Techniques
✔100 pages pdf
✔Robin Trower master class mp4
✔97 mp3 included demo track and backing track


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$6.40 (20% off)
Full copy Guitar Techniques:
✔Full Content of Guitar Techniques
✔100 pages pdf
✔Robin Trower master class mp4
✔97 mp3 included demo track and backing track
Download After 31/1/2017
Full copy Guitar Techniques:
✔Full Content of Guitar Techniques
✔100 pages pdf
✔Robin Trower master class mp4
✔97 mp3 included demo track and backing track

Q: I am beginner, do this suitable for me?

A: You able explore different guitar playing style, music type. With the full notation music score provided, you able receive more info about the pieces play in demo track.

Q: Too much lesson has been provided, I can’t complete all lessons.

A: Believe me, you can do it!

Q: Why $8.00 download fee? Why 30% off and why 20%?

A:  Ya, the fee just similar with pack of guitar string/ maybe lower, you can think about buy me a pack of guitar string. And I am musician too, which mean I not work for free!

Q: Money back guarantee, are you crazy?

A: What I care is about i did a good guitar lesson to you. And I believe The Complete Guitar Lesson Method is helpful for all level Guitarist.

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$6.40 (20% off)
Full copy Guitar Techniques:
✔Full Content of Guitar Techniques
✔100 pages pdf
✔Robin Trower master class mp4
✔97 mp3 included demo track and backing track
Download After 31/1/2017
Full copy Guitar Techniques:
✔Full Content of Guitar Techniques
✔100 pages pdf
✔Robin Trower master class mp4
✔97 mp3 included demo track and backing track